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Here we will give you insights into the development process and keep you up to date on our progress, the game mechanics, features we want to implement and more backgrounds and insights into the world of Shields of Loyalty (SoL for short).

We want to let you participate in the development process and, if possible, implement your ideas and comments into the creation of SoL. Share your feedback with us via mail, Twitter, Youtube, on Steam or here on the blog!

The Game

Shields of Loyalty is a tactical and challenging turn-based dark fantasy strategy game and is being developed by Mosaic Mask Studio. SoL is inspired by classics like Heroes of Might and Magic and Fantasy General.

Take on the role of an experienced leader and command an army of different unit types and classes through a hostile island world. Train your army into powerful followers and fight a dark and possessed enemy until the head of the serpent lies at your feet.

Explore the origins of the demonic spawn and seal the rift to the dark magic once and for all. Prove yourself a capable commander and lead your army victoriously through the island world of Mantaria with tactics and skill.


  • Command one of several avatars with unique abilities and auras.
  • Train your units up to two times to become stronger and more powerful followers that you lead and manage in challenging missions.
  • Find artifacts and skillfully strengthen your troops in battle.
  • Free „The Heroes of the Ancient Wars“ and use their power and auras in your favor!
  • Discover the unique abilities of your units and use them wisely in battle against the unholy spawn.
  • Form your units into larger squads to fight powerful enemies and withstand the onslaught of evil.
  • Tactical depth! Use the auras of your avatars and heroes, the terrain, and strategically advantageous formations to overcome challenges.
  • Make choices when choosing missions. The path is irreversible.
  • Survive randomly generated environmental effects such as lightning, storms, or meteors that make no distinction between friend or foe.
  • Permadeath – Decisions have big effects. If a troop is killed in battle, it is dead forever. Its experience and abilities are lost.
  • Complex but intuitive mechanics. There is a complex system working under the surface, but we don’t want players to study manuals and tutorials all day.
  • Clever AI. Enemies differ not only by name and skin. All enemies have unique abilities and behavior, and you need to adjust your tactics if you want to stand a chance.


SoL is played on 2 layer. Firstly, on the strategic layer, the world map, and secondly on detailed levels, which is the tactical battle layer.

Different actions can be performed on the world map, such as:

  • starting further development of troops in the „Research“ menu
  • managing artifacts
  • managing your avatars (not implemented yet)
  • buy, sell or upgrade more troops
  • enter the different islands

As soon as you enter the first island „Darkwoods“ you will be shown the playable areas. Here you can start the level and automatically switch to the detailed view. In the levels themselves you have further actions at your disposal. Besides moving, attacking and conquering, you can also complete special missions (mine level -> not yet implemented) and use other mission-specific functions.

Fight your way from island to island until you reach the „Lava Desert“ via the „Eternal Ice“ to face the head of the snake!

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